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Support Red News

Posted by nickogs20 on November 1, 2008

Red News

Sorry to come over all Bob “Give us all yer money!” Geldof on you readers, but if you can spare a minute or two to read this and maybe do something to help that would be much appreciated. Red News is United’s oldest fanzine and the news service they provide over at the website is absolutely unrivalled on the internet. In these difficult economic times, sales of what is an excellent and constantly-improving fanzine are down and unfortunately the thousands of hits on the site aren’t translating into fanzine sales/subscriptions, forum memberships or merchandise sales.

In short, people are – quite naturally when something is offered for free – taking without giving anything back, and that, combined with the sales slump that is hitting all fanzines, is combining to put the future of the site and fanzine at risk. To lose either or both would be a massive (city-sized) shame for all United fans – this is where (I hope) you guys and United fans all over the net come in.

There are numerous way you can help Red News:
– Buy current and past issues from the website or at the match – for the price of a pint you can get the latest, all-colour issue of Red News, full of the sort of content you can’t just find anywhere else on the net. The latest issue for example, out today, features an exclusive interview with Sir Alex Ferguson that you will not see anywhere else. You can see a taster of what you’ve been missing out on (if indeed you have) over on the website.
– Take out a subscription – £30 for a full season’s worth of the above, an absolute bargain.
– Sign up for VIP membership of the forums – £10 for a year’s membership of one of the best United message boards on the net.
– Purchase something from the Red News shop – we’re into November, Christmas is just around the corner – if anyone is wanting to know what to get you as a gift this year, point them in the direction of the RN Shop where they can’t really go wrong with the quality books and t-shirts available.

Put simply, by doing any of the above you’ll not just be helping out an institution within the United community but you’ll be bagging yourself a terrific read and/or some fantastic clobber. Even if you’re not convinced, take a couple of minutes to have a look at the RN site, have a look at the free taster edition of the mag, browse around the shop, it’ll be well worth your time.

Cheers for reading – if I’m preaching to the converted then sorry for wasting your time, if I’m not then you can thank me later!

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