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United Youth is a 100% independent Manchester United weblog focused specifically on the reserve and youth teams of MUFC and related subjects, featuring news, opinion, match previews/reports and detailed profiles and statistics. I am not connected to MUFC in any way and lay no claim to having particular access to inside information – this is not to say this site won’t break any stories itself, but the general intention and purpose of United Youth is to collate and present relevant information from a number of sources (both public and private) in one easily accessible place for those who want to keep up to date with what is going on below first team level at United.

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Anyone wishing to get in touch has the obvious option of leaving a comment on the relevant part of the site, but if for any reason this isn’t sufficient, I am contactable via email at manunitedyouth@googlemail.com. This method of contact may be particularly appropriate for anyone wishing to exchange site links.


I will endeavour to give credit whereever necessary and possible for any prose or media used on this site that is not my own work. I am perfectly happy for anyone to reproduce content from this site as long as credit is given, ideally in the form of a link back to United Youth.


* United Youth is neither affiliated with or authorised by Manchester United FC.

* The views expressed in this blog are the author’s own and not in any way representative of those of Manchester United Football Club, its staff or anyone connected to MUFC.

* All comments left are the opinions of the individual, and do not represent the opinion of United Youth and/or its contributors.

14 Responses to “About”

  1. Joe Armstong said

    I am a keen Youth historian and have extensive records which I am happy to share going back to 1938.

    The site is great and I would be happy to help out in any way as well as gathering information for myself.

    One request……when giving youth and reserve line-ups….the formation is a great idea…but can you also post team numbers next to them?



    • Marc Lipkin said

      In August – September 1985, I was part of a team from California that went to England. We had a game against the Man Utd youth team. I beleive there were several on trial as well. I have several pictures from the game. Man Utd had some incredibly talented players in particular a right wing who may been from the reserve team. He had blond hair and stocky build. Another player that was outstanding had dark hair and skin and played center back. Both were extremely quick and skillful. Any help identifying these players would be very appreciated.

      Thank you,

  2. nickogs20 said

    Cheers Joe, glad you found the site (I’m ‘PS18’ on the redcafe forum btw). Will remember to add numbers next season and I appreciate the offer of help/shared information, I will definitely look to take you up on that in due course!

  3. Pete H said

    As a founder member of the SadRedBastards society I would like to thank you (whoever you may be) for establishing this wonderful site. We will attempt to keep you informed of all relevant information.

    Thanks again for all your efforts,


  4. Gaz, Chester said


    I’m really impressed with your site, a must for anyone interested in the reserves/academy scene at United.


  5. Joe Armstrong said

    Hi Nick,

    Some information gleaned from the Internet around McGinty.

    1. Has appeared for the ROI U/15, U/16, and U/17 sides (still doing research into actual games but it seems he has 6 u/15 caps starting with a sub appearance v Turkey on 13.2.08)
    2. He attends Oakwood Park Grammar School and also plays for Sittingbourne FC in the Kent League as a midfielder
    3. He made his reserve team debut for Charlton v Millwal on 1.4.09 and made three appearances in total
    4. He has already represented Charlton in the FAYC….coming on as a sub against Blackburn Rovers on 2.12.08
    5. Turned down Fulham, Chelsea and West Ham to join United
    6. His parents are apparently Irish but he lives in Maidstone

    More info to follow

  6. Ivan Azer said

    To whom it may concerne, my name is Ivan Azer and my son, Leigh Azer,a young 15 year old boy, currently playing as a attacking midfielder / strike force in the U15 age group in the academy for Santos FC in Cape Town RSA,would like to know when you are again in Cape Town South Africa,I`m staying in a rural area and my son played in the academy since U9 and hope that you might gave him a chance or when your scouts are in the area to contact me, I don`t see any future for him here at the Cape flats and hope to get him
    abroad, I tried Fulham FC last year, but they told me to wait until he turns 18 years old. Please see if you guys can contact me in this request.Would really appreciate it,

    Thanking you in advance,

    Ivan Azer
    +27 21 691 3595
    +27 21 380 4000
    +27 74 338 1976

  7. nickogs20 said

    Ivan – as said in the text on this page, I’m not connected with MUFC in any official capacity, I’m just a supporter, so I can’t help unfortunately.

  8. ambigapathi samarasan said

    Dear Sir, could you please help tell when did these following players have been relaesed by United in 2009- Lee Askhan,Joe Barnby,Antinio Bryan, Jimmy Derbyshire, Johhny Corman, Kenji Geogre, Kenny Strickland,Gary Woods, Daniel Galbraith and Laim Miller. I guess some of the players would have been om trial. Thank you. Regards

  9. Lunga Biyela said


    Does anyone know how Rhain Davis has been doing in the junior sides? I’d like to follow his progress. The kid’s special.

  10. nickogs20 said

    The kid is eleven years old and I’m not sure how anyone can say he’s special based on one youtube video. There’s not likely to be any real update on his progress until he’s 14/15 at least.

  11. Fuego said

    Last year I happened to read a squad list for the u15 team on your site and I saw that there was a Hungarian guy called David Kocsis (or Kocsis Dávid as we Hungarians use our names). But, as you know, it’s pretty hard to get information about players in that age group. Could you tell me something about him? His position, or whether he will be with the u18’s next season? Thank you in advance.

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  13. Paul said

    Excellent site.
    Like “Joe Armstong” I have been collating info on United reserve and youth teams, although I don’t go back as far as 1938 I have some info from the immediate post WW1 era. Always willing to help.
    Joe, if you read this, could you contact me (paul@unitedkits.com) as I have a project you may be interested in and could certainly help with.

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