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Posted by nickogs20 on April 4, 2009

Just a quick update on what will hopefully prove to be a useful addition to the site. United Youth is now up and running on Twitter, which will allow me to provide live updates on matches (especially useful for those without access to MUTV, or for games that aren’t televised at all) and real-time news updates, as well as other uses I’m sure we’ll stumble upon in due course.

The latest five ‘tweets’ will be displayed at the top of the sidebar on your right, but you can view the full stream of tweets by visiting our twitter page (the title of the twitter section of the sidebar is also a link). Those of you who already have Twitter accounts (or anyone else who may sign up for one) can also follow us.

We’ll kick-off with live updates from tomorrow’s Academy League game against Middlesbrough at Carrington, which kicks off at midday. Hopefully this service will be of use to people – as with anything on the blog, please don’t hesitate to give feedback via the comments sections (or indeed now in the form of @replies on twitter).

9 Responses to “United Youth on Twitter”

  1. cem said

    is there going to be one on facebook? i think youd get alot of fans…

  2. nickogs20 said

    That’s maybe something I’ll look into actually, good point.

  3. The Gaffer said

    Hi Nickogs,
    Glad to see you on Twitter.
    Anyway I was wondering If you can tell me how do you get a banner for your theme.


  4. nickogs20 said

    I’m not sure what you mean?

  5. The Gaffer said

    Sorry, I wasn’t clear.
    Your theme doesn’t have the option to have a custom header. (banner)
    But you have one. (Picture at the top with Youth players and Solskjaer)

    Is that more clear?

  6. nickogs20 said

    Ah right, yeah, sorry. You have to purchase the CSS upgrade and do it that way.

  7. The Gaffer said

    Ok. Thanks anyway

  8. cem said

    i could definatley promote it on facebook and im sure some guy david blatt (dont know if you know him) he could endorse it aswell, hes the bloke that wrote “manchester united ruined my wife”

    see macheda’s goal – brilliant!

  9. The Gaffer said

    Hi again

    Good to see on Twitter!
    I’ve added you, so I hope you can add me.

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