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United 0 Stoke 1: U18s frustrated as Stoke gain revenge

Posted by nickogs20 on February 21, 2009

Man Utd Stoke City
Manchester United U18s 0-1 Stoke City U18s
Brunt 5

United slipped to a second successive 1-0 reverse at Carrington this morning, an early goal for the visitors giving the Potters something to defend, and defend they did – extremely well. A somewhat makeshift Reds eleven were caught cold inside the first five minutes by a brilliant goal on the counter-attack from Darren Brunt, and thereafter saw plenty of possession, bossed the game right up until the final third but were frustrated time and again in their hunt for an equaliser by the superbly-organised Stoke rearguard. On a typically grey and blustery Manchester morning, the two sides produced a game in keeping with the conditions – it certainly wasn’t pretty, but for the visitors it was effective. A silver lining for the Reds came in the form of four U16 players making their debuts for Paul McGuinness’ U18 side.

More to come…

1. Conor Devlin
2. Kenny Strickland
3. Joe Dudgeon
4. Tom Thorpe (16. Larnell Cole 83)
5. Scott Wootton
6. Oliver Norwood (c)
7. Chris Curran (15. Etzaz Hussain 63)
8. Will Keane
9. Evandro Brandão (14. John Cofie 58)
10. Nicky Ajose
11. Cameron Stewart

Sub not used
13. Gary Woods

Booked: Norwood


14 Responses to “United 0 Stoke 1: U18s frustrated as Stoke gain revenge”

  1. cem said

    hi nick, just a few questions to ask

    1)what has happend to revel morrison? he burst on the academy scene and looked amazing but last few games he hasnt even been in the squad??

    2)is larnell cole related to andy cole?

    3)what has happend to new signing zoran tosic hes not been in the squad or even the reserves??

  2. nickogs20 said

    Morrison played last week Cem. Larnell isn’t related to Andy Cole, and Tosic as far as I know is training with the first-team and building up his fitness.

  3. Tone said

    Tosic is too old for this team either way, and they’re probably just playing it safe with Ravel.

  4. Rajiv Kumar said

    Nickogs-i was just wondering where has Davide Petrucci been in the last reserve and academy match because he wasnt in the squad for either?

  5. nickogs20 said

    No obvious or publicised reason – might just have a slight knock or just being given a rest.

  6. cem said

    cheers nick, what do you think of all these young central midfielders utd have because they all have verry bright futures, can you or anyone see any of these bieng released in years to come?

    matty james
    cleverly(kind of central midfield)
    petrucci(kind of central midfield)
    morrison(kind of central midfield)

  7. cem said

    also did we sign christian mork??

  8. Marcus said

    How is Etzaz Hussein bin so far?

  9. nickogs20 said

    Cem – some of them will doubtless move on – Carrick, Fletcher, Hargreaves and Anderson all have plenty of years left in them. I doubt any of them will be released (unless the younger ones listed really fail to push on at all) as they all have the potential to be good players who could make us some money in transfer fees.

    Personally, James and Petrucci are the ones that stand out for me, Possebon as well if he gets back to his best form. Too early to say with Morrison and Tunnicliffe. I don’t think Hewson and Cleverley will make it with us but they’ll have good careers somewhere – Gibson has done well lately but I’m not entirely convinced by him still, I can see him having a decent Premier League career but probably not with us.

    As for the other question – we haven’t signed Christian Mork.

    Marcus – he’s only played half an hour or so in a scrappy game, far too early to say.

  10. I agree that James and Petrucci looks talented from the “Cem” list but judgement should be reserved until they have played against bigger and better players @ 1st team level unlike Possebon who has. Tunnicliffe and Gibson look the least talented but Tunnicliffe is the youngest thus he might improve.

  11. nickogs20 said

    Personally judgement (as far as chances of making it in the first team) is always reserved until players are handed their chance at senior level, goes without saying. I was purely saying the players that stand out to me right now.

  12. kamal said


    any details about wil keane??????

  13. ga said

    where is petrucci?why not?

  14. […] As is so often the case in academy football however, the unpredictable came to pass and the Reds fell to a second straight 1-0 reverse, conceding early and struggling to break down a well-drilled Potters […]

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