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McGuinness reflects on U18s’ strong start

Posted by nickogs20 on September 16, 2008

U18s boss Paul McGuinness has been speaking to manutd.com about his side’s impressive start to the new season.

As well as singling Chris Curran, Matty James and Oliver Norwood for particular praise and emphasising that there is still plenty of improvement left to come from this set of youngsters, McGuinness has commended the effort and concentration of his young charges, stressing that it is those qualities that will decide just how far these players go in the game.

“The young lads are all doing well. There are two things you ask for: concentration and hard work. You take it that the players have ability. The level of ability determines how far you can go, but you won’t go anywhere without hard work and concentration. The players have been applying themselves very well in games and in training. So that’s been good.”

You can read the full interview with Paul McGuinness on United’s official site http://www.manutd.comclick here to do so.

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5 Responses to “McGuinness reflects on U18s’ strong start”

  1. Mr E said

    MUFc need more speed and height in the team

  2. nickogs20 said

    Plenty of height in the team at the moment (Wootton, Brown, Gill, James, Petrucci, Macheda and King are all tall lads for their age) and they’re hardly lacking pace either, not sure where you’re coming from with that comment.

  3. Martini said

    Mr E, not sure what team you are refering to cos it aint the under 18 side……..

  4. Shanika said

    I have looked at the script.,

  5. Annmarie said

    A good site, good short contents of the good work. Congratulations !,

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