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Video: Fábio’s stunning solo strike

Posted by nickogs20 on August 9, 2008

Not the greatest quality unfortunately but this video gives you a pretty good idea just how good Fábio’s goal against Northwich was…


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11 Responses to “Video: Fábio’s stunning solo strike”

  1. Rooneyyy said

    he is gonna to be an amazing player for us in the future.
    and his brother as well
    in the 2 games that i saw them both player they are our next full back for the next 10 years

  2. Jimmy The Weed said

    It looks like we’ve got a Cafu and a Roberto Carlos just waiting for their chances. Spot on.

  3. That’s some goal !!!

  4. Cid said

    Indeed. thats some goal.
    Keep up the great work you guys are doing. It brings immense joy watching these kids go such wonderful stuff.

  5. Tony Starks said

    I keep saying Fabio is the real deal, he’s the one who has always been the better bro…

  6. Jim said

    That’s good if Fabio is the better player, considering he is the captain for Brazil under 19 side, but Rafael was fantastic in the games he played in pre season and if fabio can play even better well great

  7. Eric said

    It looks to me that both are great prospects..even more, they look ready for the chance. I would not mind see them in a couple of Premier League matches against weaker teams, in the Carling Cup or even Champions League against teams like Dinamo Kiev. It does not matter who is better of the two…they are both ours :-)

  8. Dr.Twinny said

    Wow…..great goal by Fabio. i am jus so happy they are both here,especially so for Fabio as it means i will no longer see that shitload of a player Silvestre play in my team any longer.i have waited a long time for this!!! :P

  9. Noel said

    Fab-ulous goal . . . can you imagine Gary Neville scoring a goal like that? – – – me neither.

  10. RFR said

    What a nice goal. If he can ever produce that at premiersip level, we will have an amazing payer on our hands.
    Rafael also impressed me when he came on against Juve. He didn’t look like a youth player at. Confident, quick, strong and comfortable with the ball. Good at defending and going forward. I love it!

  11. […] Video: Fábio’s stunning solo strike Not the greatest quality unfortunately but this video gives you a pretty good idea just how good Fábio’s goal […] […]

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