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Manchester United Premier Cup World Finals 2008 kick off tomorrow

Posted by nickogs20 on August 2, 2008

The 2008 MUPC World Finals kick off at Carrington tomorrow, with 20 U15 teams from across the globe descending on Manchester for one of the most prestigious youth football tournaments in the world.

9000 teams have competed in fiercely-contested MUPC tournaments in their country or region this year to earn the right to take part in the World Finals, and these are the twenty that have made it to the main event:

Manchester United (hosts)
SuperSport United (African MUPC winners)
Right to Dream Academy (African MUPC winners)
San Diego Surf (USA MUPC champions)
Fluminense (Brazilian MUPC champions)
Audax Italiano (Chilean MUPC champions)
FC Atlas (Mexican MUPC champions)
Villa 2000 Football Academy (Asian MUPC winners)
Zhejiang Lucheng FC (Asian MUPC qualifiers)
Shizuoka Gakuen Jr. High School (Asian MUPC qualifiers)
Ansan Boogok Middle School (Asian MUPC qualifiers)
Central United (Oceania MUPC champions)
FC Basel 1893 (European MUPC qualifiers)
FC Honka (European MUPC qualifiers)
Willem II (European MUPC qualifiers)
Paris Saint Germain (French MUPC champions)
Eintracht Frankfurt (German MUPC champions)
Juventus FC (Italian MUPC champions)
Real Madrid (Spanish MUPC champions)
Middlesbrough FC (English MUPC champions)

The tournament is for U15’s, with only players born after 1.1.1993 eligible to participate. The 20 teams are divided into four groups of five teams, and play each other once over the first two days of competition at United’s Carrington training ground. The top two teams in each group progress to the quarter-finals (held on day three, as well as the semis), while the other teams will compete to decide overall placings. The final day of competition, Wednesday August 6th, features just two games – the 3rd/4th playoff, to be held at Carrington, and the final, which this year will be held at the Reds’ famous Old Trafford home as part of the build-up to the first-team’s friendly with Italian giants Juventus.

United, as hosts, are in Group A, where they find themselves drawn alongside Real Madrid, Paris Saint Germain, Audax Italiano and Villa 2000 of Indonesia. The Reds kick off the tournament at 9.30am against the Indonesian side before then taking on PSG at half past eleven. With the age limit being exactly the same as that for the Marveld tournament earlier in the summer, we can expect to see a similar squad to the one that took part over in Holland, and after disappointing in that competition the youngsters will have something of a point to prove.

We’ll try and get confirmation of the United squad up ASAP, and we’ll have coverage of the next four days as you’d expect. Check out the official MUPC site for news, background information and a full fixture list for this year’s tournament.


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