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A little more on the new boy

Posted by nickogs20 on June 13, 2008

A bit more info on our new young Italian…

~ Davide is 16 years old and will turn 17 in October.
~ He comes from the San Basilio suburb of Rome.
~ He top-scored for Roma’s youth side last season with 14 goals in 17 games, and was expected by some to push on towards the first team next season.
~ Davide is widely considered to be an attacking midfielder or support striker rather than an out and out forward (what the Italians call a trequartista), which paints his goalscoring record in an even more impressive light.
~ He has been a regular in the Italian Under-17 setup over the last 12 months, and has been described as the finest talent in his age group in Italy.
~ Petrucci’s departure from Roma has been sorely felt by the Giallorossi. “It is a nightmare,” said Il Romanista, a Roma-focused newspaper. “Manchester United have dealt us another low blow, stealing Petrucci from under our noses, probably the best product of our youth system. In three to four years, he will be worth 100 times as much.”
~ Speaking about the move, Davide said “Going to play for the strongest club in the world in United is a great opportunity for me. It was hard to say no, even though I am a Roma fan and would gladly have stayed with them throughout my career.”
~ It’s a somewhat controversial transfer, and the teenager has been keen to put across his side of things. “A month ago Roma offered me a contract at the minimum rate, without clarifying whether it would be for three or five years,” he said. “I asked for a bit of time to think about it, Man Utd had already made their proposal, but Roma only gave me three days and left me out of the squad. To a certain extent they closed the door on me while Man Utd opened a big door.”
~ The youngster has also revealed United have offered his father Stefano a job at the club as a gardener (probably meaning groundsman), and that he will move to Manchester on June 30th, ready to start with the United Academy the following day.

7 Responses to “A little more on the new boy”

  1. Bryan said

    I don’t know much about him, but if signing him, triggers Roma’s anger, then he must be bleeping awesome.

  2. Ago Pugliese said

    Man united are the biggest hypocrites on the planet. They complain about the whole ronaldo situation, and then steal rome’s future player. If england is so great they would be able to stop stealing all of italy’s prospects. this is why England’s national team will never win a world cup/ euro cup again. They steal talent from other countires instead of encouraging homegrown talent.

  3. nickogs20 said

    Assuming you’re a Roma fan or just Italian, I can understand the anger but the situation is entirely different to the Ronaldo situation so there’s no point comparing them.

    You’re pretty much right about England and English players but Manchester United or other English clubs have no duty to produce players for the national team, and indeed the English FA have implemented rules that make it harder than it should be for them to do so.

  4. RJ said

    @ Ago Pugliese, how can you compare the best player of the world to the player who is just 16 yrs old n who seems to be promising player but not an established player as ronaldo . just think twice before you write , and moreover you are talking about homegrown players , then to add on to your pathetic knowledge , let me tell you that united has given more players to england than anyother team in the league , i dont wanna tell you those names because i am presuming that you might be knowing at least that.

  5. Zico said

    Great deal, i saw him playing and the boy is the real deal.

  6. varun said

    i dunno about dis petricci boy…. but lemme tell you some thng… manchester united are the greatest ever team established on Homegrown talent…. and you can never find a team like that… and it seems you are stoll feeling the night mares of 7-1 defeat at THEATER OF DREAMS…. haaaaa

  7. dai said

    Good signing by man u again…i think he deserves to be discovered and develop by a top class football club like man u..

    After arsenal stole aaron ramsey from us…at least we have davide petrucci which is probably will develop well in man u academy…i hope he will be the next world class player..

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